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Drivetrain Repair in Newport News, VA

What is Drivetrain?

The power generated in the engine of a vehicle has to reach its wheels to rotate them and initiate movement. The drivetrain is a component that performs the task of power transmission. It is an assembly of parts that collectively transfers the engine power and torque from the transmission to the wheels.

A drivetrain comprises transmission, joints, axles, differential, and driveshaft. These components function harmoniously to ensure that the rotational power from the engine reaches the wheels safely without damaging the surrounding parts. Any damage to drivetrain components can wreak havoc on the vehicle system. If you suspect any such damages, visit B&L Automotive in Newport News, VA, to receive drivetrain repair services.

Drivetrain Components and their Functions

A group of multiple functioning units constitutes a drivetrain assembly. These units include:

  • Transmission- It consists of gears that regulate the amount of torque that reaches the driveshaft and to the wheels.
  • Driveshaft- It is a long cylindrical rod that delivers engine torque from transmission to the differential. It varies in length and structure depending upon the location of transmission and differential in a vehicle.
  • Differential- It is a compact collection of gears that transfers engine power from the driveshaft to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. Its main function is to prevent the wheels from slipping and sliding while turning or driving on uneven surfaces.
  • CV Joints- Constant velocity joints are essential to transfer power from the driveshaft to axles and eventually wheels. They can turn in any direction while maintaining a constant velocity.
  • Axles- They are rod-like rotating shafts that connect wheels to the differential. They aim the driving torque towards the wheels while maintaining their relative positioning and movement.

Signs of a Faulty Drivetrain

Since the drivetrain contains different components, any fault in even a single part can impact the efficiency of the vehicle. Issues in the drivetrain assembly manifest in the form of symptoms, which are:

  • Vibrations from driving
  • Clicking sounds
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Leakage of fluids
  • Difficulty while turning the car around a corner
  • Delayed acceleration

Early identification of these signs and proper drivetrain repair and maintenance can save you from costly replacements of the failed components later on. To get drivetrain repair services in Newport News, VA, bring your vehicle to B&L Automotive. We are a veteran-owned NAPA AutoCare center operational since 1953 and offer the following amenities to our clients:

  • ASE certified mechanics
  • 36 month/36,000-mile warranty on repairs
  • Repairs performed with quality parts
  • Latest computer diagnostic tools

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