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Auto Repair in Lackey, VA

Lackey has an interesting history that includes African Americans that were freed before the Civil War. Because Lackey was such a safe haven for people of color, the population in the 1800s was comprised mostly of African Americans. These people held all kinds of occupations including working as farmers and fishermen.

During the first world war, the government displaced many of these families to claim land for the naval Weapons Station Yorktown. This act essentially marked the end of Lackey as it was once known. Today, the area has been incorporated into Yorktown for the most part.

Those who live in the Lackey area can be proud of their communities rich history. At B&L automotive, we have been serving the residents of Lackey since 1953. Our honesty and expertise has earned us a loyal following. If you live in Lackey and need auto repair, make the short drive to Newport News to pay us a visit. You’ll be glad you did.