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Lexus Engine Repair Newport News VA

There are lots of reasons why so many people love their Lexus. Besides the stylish look, a Lexus has many user friendly features and is just plain fun to drive. In today’s economic environment, buying a car that lasts is important and your Lexus can faithfully serve you for many, many miles so long as proper engine maintenance and repair is carried out on a regular basis. As you enjoy your Lexus, don’t forget this basic tip to keep your Lexus’ engine humming along. Don’t Wait Till It Breaks Much like preventative medicine helps your body to avoid major illnesses, preventative maintenance of your Lexus is essential if you want your Lexus to have the maximum life span possible. Preventative maintenance involves the regular changing of all of the fluids such as motor oil and filter, transmission liquid, differential gear oil, even power steering and brake fluids. Inspections of the cooling system should be performed to keep it funct ... read more