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Diesel Auto Repair in Newport News, VA

Gasoline engines are quite well known because most of the cars, vans, SUVs function on gasoline nowadays. The diesel engine, on the other hand, tackles the heavier set of vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains, ships, etc. While the aim of both types of engines is the same, producing rotational energy to move the vehicle, the mechanism of doing so differs. A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine similar to a gasoline engine but differs in two major ways:

  1. It uses diesel fuel to power the engine instead of gas, as is the case in a gasoline engine.
  2. It has a compression-ignited injection system in contrast to a spark-ignited system present in gasoline engines.

Diesel Specialists at B&L Automotive

Due to the differences in diesel driven vehicles, diesel auto repair should be received from certified specialists having detailed and specific awareness of the diesel engine. B&L Automotive is a NAPA auto care center having experienced diesel technicians who can provide all levels of diesel auto repair services.

Working of a Diesel Engine

The diesel engine also works on the principle of internal combustion, repeating a 4-stroke cycle in compact cylinders containing pistons.

The process includes:

  • Intake- Air is drawn inside the cylinders.
  • Compression- Pistons move upwards to compress the air, which makes it hotter. This compression in a diesel engine is far more than in a gasoline one.
  • Ignition- The compressed air is ignited to produce an explosion that moves the pistons down, generating power. In the diesel engine, a fuel injector sprays fuel to ignite the air instead of spark plugs in a gasoline engine.
  • Exhaustion- Waste gases are pushed out of the compartment.

Maintenance for a Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are more economical and fuel-efficient, but any disruption in their functioning can result in a costly repair rendering its regular maintenance necessary. The proper diesel maintenance schedule consists of:

  • Diesel fuel and fuel filter replacement
  • Inspection of coolant levels
  • Injection system cleaning
  • Air filter inspection
  • Cleaning exhaust system

Premier Diesel Repair Equipment at B&L Automotive

Veteran owned B&L Automotive has been a reliable source of auto body repair since 1953. Our ASE certified mechanics provide diesel auto repair and other vehicle maintenance services. They use top-notch computer diagnostics to identify the problem and use premium-quality equipment with a 36 month/36,000-mile warranty on diesel auto repair or replacement. Give us a call or schedule your visit with us using our online appointment form to get high-quality diesel repair services in Newport News, VA.