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State Vehicle Inspection in Newport News, VA

A state vehicle inspection is a mandated process of checking the vehicle for safety and emissions regulated by an individual state. In the state of Virginia, vehicles are required to pass the safety inspection annually to ensure safe driving and adequate maintenance. Certain regions in the Virginia state also require a smog test to inspect the vehicle's emission system.

A successful inspection earns a safety inspection sticker on the windshield displaying its validity.

Contrarily, a failed safety inspection results in a rejection sticker that is valid for 15 days, and any vehicle operations during that time could lead to a fine. The vehicle is required to undergo necessary repairs and get the re-inspection within those 15 days.

What is checked during Virginia State Vehicle Inspection?

To maximize road safety and encourage vehicle maintenance programs, the safety inspection scrutinizes the following systems in the vehicle:

  • Fuel and Exhaust Systems- inspection of exhaust pipes, connections, fuel injectors, pumps, and any fuel or gas leakages.
  • Wheels, Tires, and Rims- inspection of tires tread depth, cracks, or any other damage.
  • Steering and Suspension Systems- inspection of wheel alignment, shock absorbers, gearbox, leakage of power steering fluid, worn off or broken springs, joints, and other components.
  • Brakes- inspection of any damage or loss of components, leakage of fluid, and proper adjustment of the parking brake.
  • Lights and Signals- inspection of wiring, lenses, bulbs, switches, and the high beam indicator.
  • Mirrors- inspection of reflective surface and mounting.
  • Windshield and Wipers- inspection of all glasses for cracks, scratches, cloudiness, and wiper blade operations.
  • Horn- inspection of audibility, electrical connections, and horn button.
  • Driver Seat and Seat Belts- inspection of the condition, attachments, and installation.
  • Air Bags- inspection of any defects in the airbag deployment and airbag readiness light.
  • Doors- inspection of handles and latch systems.
  • Systems Under the Hood- inspection of belts, emission system, and fluid levels.

Virginia Vehicle Inspection at B&L Automotive in Newport News

At B&L Automotive, we can assist you in getting a successful vehicle inspection by conducting the necessary maintenance for your vehicle.

Our ASE certified technicians have the expertise to perform highly skilled mechanical and electrical repairs of the vehicles to meet the requirements of the safety inspection. We use the latest computer diagnostics to detect the problem accurately and only utilize quality parts for replacements and repairs. We believe in providing premier services to let your vehicle pass the state safety and emissions inspection as well as to keep its functioning reliable.

If you need a state vehicle inspection in Newport News, VA, bring your vehicle to B&L Automotive today! Give us a call or schedule your visit using our online appointment form.