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3 Signs it’s Time for a Coolant Flush

Coolant Fluid

To drive optimally, your vehicle's engine needs to stay at a specific temperature range. Coolant is an essential fluid that helps regulate the temperature and works as a lubricant for the radiator system. Unfortunately, coolant doesn't last forever. With time the fluid can deplete, and contaminants can build up. In severe cases, pollutants may even reach the radiator. A coolant flush service is a perfect solution as it flushes out all used coolant and contaminants out of the radiator system. A coolant flush protects the engine from internal corrosion, keeping it in the best shape possible. Below are three common signs it's time to schedule a coolant flush. 

Low Coolant  

If you pop the hood of your car and notice the coolant levels are lower than usual, try topping it off. Coolant levels that are consistently low may be alerting you to a leak. Check underneath your vehicle for any lime green, sweet-smelling fluid. If you suspect there's a leak, bring your vehicle in for an inspection.  

Bad Coolant Quality 

If the coolant has visible debris or is an unusual color, it may be contaminated. If the fluid is filled with debris, the additives will be less effective. Do not refill a dirty cooling system with clean fluid. A proper drain and flush are necessary to sustain engine performance.

Engine Overheating

If the coolant is low or in bad quality, it will not adequately regulate the engine's temperature. The engine has several fast-moving parts that are extremely hot; without healthy coolant, it can eventually overheat. An overheating engine is dangerous as it can seize-up and ultimately lead to severe, costly damages.

Coolant Flush in Newport News, VA

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