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5 Car Care Tips for Spring

Spring is here, and it’s time to start getting your vehicle ready for the warmer weather. Winter tends to take a toll on our cars, so be sure to follow these tips on how to care for your car throughout the spring. 

Get your Oil Changed

Your car's engine oil becomes less effective as it ages, preventing it from protecting your motor. So arrange an oil change at the start of spring to keep your engine in top condition all season long.

Battery Efficiency

Let's face it; winter can be hard on your car's battery. The lower temperatures cause your battery to work harder. So have a look at yours. Spotting corrosion around the battery's connection points or seeing cracks on the top or side may indicate that it's time for a car battery replacement.

Tyre and Tread Overhaul

Ensuring your tires are roadworthy is crucial. Worn tires compromise your car's handling in wet weather. To check your correct tire pressure, refer to your vehicle's manual. As for the tire tread depth gauge, check your tread wear indicators. They build these into the grooves of your tires and look like small horizontal bars. Once your tire has worn level with these bars, your tire will need replacing.

Check Your Wipers

Your wipers work hard in winter. There's all that snow and ice to wipe away. By now, they are getting pretty worn. If you've cleaned the wiper blades but are still not getting a nice clear windscreen, it's time to get them replaced and ready to take on those spring rainstorms.

Don't Forget the Brakes

Winter driving conditions put extra wear on your car brake pads. Including shoes and rotors. Get an auto technician to inspect your braking system to clean out the grit and grime and ensure no parts need replacing.

B & L Automotive is Here to Help

Routine care will keep your vehicle in top condition while helping to avoid breakdowns, collisions, and further expenses. So if you need help getting your car ready for the spring months, we invite you to come and see us at B & L Automotive today!