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5 Driving Habits You Should Start Adopting

Being a good driver starts with adopting good driving habits. For most drivers, getting behind the wheel has become habitual. However, it’s never a wrong time to make changes for a safer drive for you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Even the most experienced drivers can have bad driving habits. The following list is a good refresher to get back on the right track. Below are a variety of driving habits that can increase safety and vehicle longevity. 

Read the owner’s manual

If the vehicle didn’t come with an owner’s manual, most cars will have a PDF available online. Reading the manual is essential because the manufacturers have detailed recommendations on vehicle maintenance that promotes optimal performance. 

Stop distracted driving

Put your phone in a vehicle holder and stop texting. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, for you and everyone on the road. Most vehicles have Bluetooth, but it may be best to save that phone conversation for when you’re off the road. Try to focus and watch where you’re driving. 

Stay consistent with routine maintenance

To keep your vehicle performing at peak performance, schedule regular vehicle service, and maintenance. Stay on top of oil changes, tire maintenance, and keep the fluids topped off. Routine maintenance isn’t just seeing an automotive technician, it’s keeping your car clean. Car washes also help to protect the paint and retain its resale value.

Pack an emergency kit

Accidents happen during the most unexpected times. An emergency kit with essentials can come through when you need it most. An emergency kit can include first aid items, extinguisher, jumper cables, and more. 

Be patient and courteous

Before you start driving, check yourself. Check your temperament and your attitude before you start your drive. Road rage can make a routine trip to the grocery store a dangerous one. We can’t control the attitudes and actions of other drivers, but we can control our own. 

Good driving habits start with us and benefit everyone on the road. We love our cars, so we want them to last as long as possible. Routine maintenance keeps repair cost low, and vehicle lifespan high. Stay focused on the road and stay calm. When it comes to driving, be the example you’d like to see. 

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