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5 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

Whenever you change tires or buy a new car, wheel alignment is very important. It makes sure that your wheels aren't wobbling or tilted to one side because this can result in problems. Sometimes they are almost aligned, but after some time they go out of alignment. That's why you should make sure to have it done professionally and often. There are other symptoms that might not connect to tire alignment at first, but don't worry because we are here to clear things up. Here are five signs that point to problems with your wheel alignment:

1. Shaking While Breaking

Shaking only when braking can also be a sign of bad wheel alignment. This occurs because of the contact the rotors and brake pads make - the rotors are mounted to the wheels. This can cause more damage to the surrounding parts and systems over time, so make sure to check it out at a shop.

2. Vibrations While Driving

Experiencing shaking or vibration while driving can be connected with a lot of things. One of them is improper wheel balancing (alignment). When the wheels are even slightly off-center, they start to vibrate because of the difference in the direction of the force. 

3. Increased Tire Wear

When your tires don't make even contact with the road, they start wearing more and more unevenly. This can be spotted by looking at the tires and seeing them worn in spots.

4. Pulling To One Side

Pulling to one side while driving can be dangerous, causing an unpredictable change of direction. Furthermore, it damages everything connected to the wheels - suspension, brakes, rotors, and more. Make sure to take advantage of this obvious sign and visit a repair facility.

5. Suspension Problems

Suspension problems can also be caused by improper wheel alignment. Weird noises while driving over potholes, while steering, or even getting into the car can be caused by suspension damage done by badly aligned wheels.

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