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Keeping Cars Running Longer with a Lifetime Protection Program

Auto owners can increase the useful life of their car with a Lifetime Protection Program. These arrangements protect certain of a car’s critical systems, such as the engine, the transmission, brakes, power steering, differential and cooling system, paying a specified amount in case of a breakdown. Available for new cars and, under certain circumstances, for low-mileage pre-owned vehicles, Lifetime Protection Programs protect the owner’s investment in the vehicle as well as offering the piece of mind of an optimally functioning car to safely negotiate those unavoidable hazards that arise.

An Arrangement With YOU In Mind

A Lifetime Protection Plan is a contract, and like any other such arrangement it requires certain things in order to remain valid. For instance, owners are required to maintain their vehicles according to the recommended service schedule. In some cases, the maintenance procedures must be carried out by a specified shop. No matter who takes care of the car, the owner should retain receipts so as to be able to prove that the required service was done on time.

Today’s owner may expect a newly purchased vehicle to run reliably for up to a decade. To ensure this kind of performance, the car has to have proper routine maintenance, and any needed repairs have to be done right. The best way to take care of both of these needs is to sign up for a Lifetime Protection Program.