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All About Your Vehicle’s Drivetrain


Most people do not know or understand their vehicle’s drivetrain. It sounds intimidating, but don’t worry! We are here to give you a crash course on drivetrains, why they are so important, symptoms of a faulty drivetrain, and why you should not delay a repair.

What is a Drivetrain?

The drivetrain comprises multiple car parts that make up a system that includes the transmission, driveshaft, wheels, and axles. The drivetrain plays an essential function by working with the engine to move the wheels when you drive. 

Symptoms of Faulty Drivetrain

Several problems can indicate damage to your car’s drivetrain. Some of the most common symptoms include squeaky axles, loud clunking sounds, problems with acceleration, and a shuddering feeling when turning. As a responsible driver, you should never shelve drivetrain repairs, no matter how tempting it might be to do so. At B & L Automotive, we’ve seen time and time again how horrible and dangerous things can get when drivers hesitate on a drivetrain repair. 

Don’t Put Off on Drivetrain Repairs

The truth is everyone dreads getting car repairs, so it’s natural that many drivers will procrastinate when their drivetrain starts malfunctioning. While you may think it is safe, it almost always worsens your vehicle’s condition.

These are three imperative reasons why we never tell our customers to put off a drivetrain repair:

Drivetrains develop damage quickly.

Your drivetrain’s job is to channel all of your engine’s power into your vehicle’s wheels. All of that power is a severe problem once the damage begins. As parts become more and more corrupted, they are put under heavier strain, meaning damage goes from bad to unbearable.

Damage spreads to other parts.

Drivetrain damage tends to spread from one region to another. Those parts will develop damage sooner rather than later. 

Drivetrain failure can be deadly.

When you ignore drivetrain repairs, you are putting yourself — and other drivers — at risk. Drivetrain damage can lead to steering problems or unforeseen loss of power to your vehicle’s wheels. They are both hazardous situations to be in.

Drivetrain Repair in Newport News, VA

If you think your vehicle might need a drivetrain repair, our certified and experienced technicians can help. B & L Automotive offers helpful advice, expert quality, and high-end parts on all repairs. Give us a call or come by our shop today!