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April is Car Care Month

Car in Field

April is the National Car Care month when all car owners are supposed to give their car more attention. Doing maintenance to your car is beneficial because it helps you avoid spending a lot of money paying for expensive repairs down the road, and it also improved the dependability and safety of your vehicle. There is no point in expecting your car to ferry you to various locations yet you are not willing to do your part by taking care of it.

The truth is, a car that is well maintained will serve you for a long time. So if you do not want to purchase a new vehicle any time soon, you need to shower your vehicle with affection and address all issues immediately. Here are some of the things you need to do in April, to prepare your vehicle for spring and summer;

Have the brakes inspected

A brake pad needs frequent inspection. When you are driving, listen to whether there is brake noise and note if the brake pedal is vibrating or shuddering. If you notice anything unusual, contact a professional.

Wash the car

During winter your car is subjected to all kinds of elements including ice melt and road salt. Some of these substances can damage the undercarriage or paint. You can avoid long-term damage by cleaning the car.

Check hoses and belts

The car's system can fail if the serpentine belt of your car breaks when you are driving. Ensuring that the hoses and belts of your car are in good condition can help you avoid breakdowns when you are on the road.

Change the oil

Regularly checking and changing oil is crucial because it keeps the engine functioning optimally. Check the oil of your car monthly and change it as instructed in the car manual. Find out which car oil is best for your vehicle. You can do this by putting three things into consideration; car mileage, whether to utilize synthetic versus non-synthetic oil, and the oil viscosity.

Check tire pressure

Making sure that your tires have the right tire pressure can help you save money and keep you safe. When the tires are wrongly inflated, whether too much or too little pressure, they will not be able to stop or handle as well as the ones with the correct pressure.

If you need April vehicle maintenance, do not hesitate to bring your car into our auto repair shop today!