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Are Tune Ups A Thing Of The Past?

For many years, the tune up was the staple car of maintenance. However, modern car engines are vastly different than they were just 20 years ago. Car engines used to have many more parts that produced an arc. As the metal on these parts started to wear away, the performance of the car would start to suffer prompting the owner to take the car to their repair shop for a tune up. Most modern engines now control these processes electronically, eliminating many of the parts that were serviced during a traditional tune up. So are tune ups a thing of the past?

Understanding the Term “Tune Up”
The term tune up is supposed to refer to a process of adjusting and replacing engine parts that, when finished, would make the car run better. The problem is that many late model vehicles don’t have much under the hood to adjust in this respect. So while the term may be a bit of a misnomer today, the concept of needing periodic maintenance to keep your car running in top shape is as true today as it was 30 years ago.

What Is A Modern Tune Up?
When a person considers getting a tune up today it is usually because they are experiencing some drivability issue such as difficulty starting or decreasing gas mileage. Any modern tune up will start with a series of performance tests to assess the overall state of the engine. Modern engine diagnostic equipment can pinpoint problems in many of your cars systems such as ignition and fuel systems that might cause these issues. A tune up will also include a visual inspection of belts, hoses and fluid levels. Parts that could potentially be replaced during a tune up include the spark plugs, distributor cap, fuel and/or air filters, and any other part as needed (think wires, hoses, belts, etc.) to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

100,000 Mile Myth?
Some modern car manufacturers tout their cars ability to go up to 100,000 miles without a tune up. Is this true? While it’s true that modern cars do not require the same amount of maintenance as their predecessors, most vehicles will undergo some maintenance in the first 100,000 miles as variable factors such as poor fuel quality, moisture, and driving habits take their toll on every car.
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