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Hear Something? Sounds That Could Mean Trouble

Every car makes noise. Bumpy roads, rainy days, high traffic, a great song; these can all contribute to even noisier journeys behind the wheel. When you notice a sound that your car doesn’t normally make, don’t panic. Almost every abnormal noise seems to sound detrimental. Here are the three most common sounds your car could make, and what to do if you hear them:

A knocking noise usually comes from the front of your vehicle. Take note if you hear it only when you make turns, or if it seems to be coming from the engine itself (also described as a ‘ping’). This will help diagnose whether you have a spark plug issue, cylinder deposits, or just using low quality fuel. Knocking that only sounds when you turn could mean your CV joints are worn or failing.
What To Do: Failing CV joints could lead to an accident. Bring your car in to B & L Automotive soon for your safety. Engine knocking should be diagnosed quickly, however, if you’re habit is to use low-grade fuel, try putting in premium for a couple rounds and see if it resolves itself.

High Pitched Squealing
The most common high-pitched squeal is your brake sensor. Most modern brakes have a metal squeal tab to alert you that your pads are worn. It can sound intermittent at first, then become more and more consistent.
What To Do: Check your brake pad thickness. If you’re not sure how to do this, a service advisor at Louetta Automotive would be glad to check your brakes. Don’t wait too long though; driving with worn brake pads for too long can damage your rotors.

Mechanical Sounds with Loose Steering
This sound is typically a ‘clicking’ combined with the feeling that your steering wheel has loosened. The most common cause would be either your tie rod ends or lower ball joints have gone bad.
What To Do: Take your car to B & L Automotive right away. It can be very dangerous to drive your car in this condition.
Questioning the severity of that noise is a smart response. Come on down to B & L Automotive. Explain the noise you have been hearing, what it sounds like, where it seems to be coming from, and what actions seem to bring it on (i.e. does it happen when you start your car? Brake? Accelerate?). We’ll be glad to check it out and provide the best course of action.