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How to Avoid Vehicle Rust

Vehicle Rust

In some ways, your vehicle is similar to the human body. While your car can’t catch a cold, noticing rust is a sign that should deserve ‘medical attention.’ Seeing rust on your vehicle is not an ultimate death sentence; it can range in severity. While some cases of rust are combated with quick fixes, other issues may require a major repair. Rust occurs when your vehicle’s steel components are in contact with oxygen and moisture for an extended period. This will cause the metal to become reddish-brown and deteriorate. The result is a metal that’s brittle worn, one that eventually loses its structural compound.  

The last thing you’d want is the structural compound of your vehicle to become brittle and deteriorated. Rust has a specialized nature and is difficult to combat; it’s always best to bring your cars to the professionals to save your vehicle. Below are a few tips to prevent rust from accumulating from the start:  

  • Consistently wash your car on a regular basis.
  • Make sure you regularly wax or apply a ceramic coat to your vehicle.
  • Try to always park in a garage or under a covered parking space.
  • Touch up the paint on any chips where the metal is exposed.
  • Place undercoating to the undercarriage of your car. 
  • Replace any worn weather-stripping. 

Preventative maintenance can do a ton to prevent rust and other costly repairs. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. If you notice rust, don’t combat it alone. Reach out, give us a call! Our friendly, professional team would be happy to inspect your vehicle and provide options for repair.


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