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October is Fall Car Care Month!

The best time to get your car serviced is just before winter, October, and as winter ends in April. Driving during winter is tough on your car and can cause breakdowns if your car is poorly maintained. The last thing you want is your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere during winter. To get ready for this year's winter chill, here are a few things you need to get checked or repaired.

Replace or Adjust Windshield Wipers

Many drivers forget about their windshields until they need to use them, don't be like most drivers. Check your windshields to ensure your windscreen does not obscure your road view. You may have to replace them if they are worn out or old.

Flush Your Antifreeze

If you have not had your antifreeze or coolant checked or flushed in a while, now is your chance because it can mean the difference between a working car and a stalled car.

Get Your Winter Tires Put in

Worn-out tires are hazardous when driving on sleek icy roads because they can cause you to skid and lose control of the car. Most people will get their winter tires put in to ensure they have enough traction to navigate through snow and ice.


Dead car batteries are the most common cause of stalled cars in winter. If you have been having battery issues, now is the time to consider getting a brand-new one. It will save you hours of waiting by the road for a tow truck.

Wheel Alignment

Have you felt your car veering toward a particular direction while driving even though you haven't steered in a particular direction? That could be your wheels giving you a heads-up to get them aligned. October is the best to do this because wheel alignment is a serious issue when driving on iced roads. Check out!
Keep your loved ones safe by getting your vehicle the October Fall Car Care package. To get your vehicle serviced by the best in the business, we invite you to B & L Automotive in Newport News, VA today.