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Oil Changes – How Often?

When you first bought your car, you were probably told that you needed to have your oil changed every three months or every 3,000 miles. However, this may not be the case any longer. Some people might recommend you have the oil changed every 3,000 miles, but research shows that this has changed.

Years ago, the 3,000 mile/3 month rule was standard practice. If you happen to drive an older vehicle, it may still be advisable if you drive in harsh climates. But newer cars, those made since 2002, do not need to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles.

There are several factors that will determine how often you should change your oil. Some of those are the way that you drive your car, how you handle your vehicle and if you drive more on the highways or around the city. Most experts advise a time around 5,000 miles. That number will be a little less for those who drive sporadically. Even if your car sits in the driveway, it should still have the oil changed occasionally.

As the mileage in the car rises, it does not take away from getting regular oil changes. The oil must be changed consistently because of the high temperatures in the engine take a toll on existing oil. After a long time, the oil will sludge up, and the engine will begin to wear itself down. Never take chances by not changing the oil. Your car is too big of an investment. You can get away with changing the oil every 5,000 miles, but do not push it past that point.

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