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Preventative Maintenance – Essential To Vehicle Longevity

Sometimes parts on a car break for no reason. But usually, the malfunction is caused by long-term wear and tear. You can prevent many of these breakdowns and ensure your vehicle’s longevity by performing preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance can involve anything from getting your oil and air filter changed to getting your tires rotated. Your car’s maintenance guide should spell out for you what preventative maintenance you need and when you should have it done.

The purpose of preventative maintenance on your car is to lessen wear and tear on your car. For example, you get your oil changed every few thousand miles because the oil gets dirty after awhile and no longer works like it should. You get your tires rotated every few thousand miles because it helps even out the wear and make sure one tire doesn’t wear out faster than the others. Replacing brake pads when they wear out ensures that you don’t do any serious damage to your brakes that would be expensive to fix.

Though you may be able to do some preventative maintenance on your own, especially if you have some automotive knowledge, you should leave most tasks to the professionals. B&L Auto is one of the leaders in brake repair and oil changes in the Newport News area. Call or stop by today to set up an appointment.


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