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Signs of Low Brake Fluid

As cars evolve and advance decade after decade, the braking system remains to be one of the most important safety structures in today’s vehicles. If there are any problems with your brake fluid, it can lead to the ultimate failure of the brakes. Today, we will discuss what brake fluid is, what it does, and how to tell when you have a leak.


Most cars, SUVs, and trucks have hydraulic braking systems, which include a brake fluid. This liquid flows through the system and transfers the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal to the brakes to slow down your car.


Unlike your other car fluids, brake fluid has a very high boiling point to withstand the intense pressure and temperatures from friction. Otherwise, your brakes can be disastrous. Over time, brake fluid can wear down, become contaminated with air or water, and lose its effectiveness. In worst-case scenarios, dirty or contaminated brake fluid can lead to leaks in the brake lines. This is why it is imperative for drivers to check their brake components and brake fluid to catch minor issues early on. 

Signs of Low or Leaking Brake Fluid

  • Poor brake performance - Of course, one of the most obvious signs of low brake fluid is if your car is taking longer to stop or slow down. If you have to press on the pedal a lot earlier than usual, please consider having your brakes inspected. 
  • Illuminated brake warning light - In some cars, you may see a brake light or ABS light make an appearance on the dash when you have a leak in the brake system. Cars nowadays have sensors that help you detect these problems. 
  • Spongy brake pedal - If you press on the brake pedal, it should not be too soft or too firm. A spongy or soft pedal is an indication that you have dirty or low brake fluid. If your car lacks responsiveness, please call a brake specialist soon.
  • Discolored brake fluid - You can actually view the brake fluid yourself. To examine your brake fluid, open your hood and look for a transparent fluid tank. The lid may have “DOT” labeled on it. Brake fluid normally has a clear, slight amber color. If the fluid looks too dark or gritty, you’re due for a brake fluid flush soon.

At B & L Automotive, we can pinpoint your leaky seals and hoses and repair them so that your brake fluid can get back to work. Our technicians are also equipped to handle brake fluid flushes. Our team is the top trusted source for reliable braking system maintenance. We believe inspections are pivotal in maintaining your brake system’s performance. 


If you suspect your vehicle is low on brake fluid, we welcome you to B & L Automotive soon.