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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

New Brake Pads vs Worn Brake Pads

It's no secret that the brakes serve a crucial function to your vehicle's safety and functionality. Brakes are not designed to last forever, and if degraded, can severely impact your car's handling and drivability. Depending on where you go for service, drivers can expect a brake pad replacement cost anywhere from $100-$150 per axle. This is a costly maintenance task that can leave your wallet angry at you. Several factors can influence the brakes' lifespan, and wear rate can be different from driver to driver. Driving in stop-and-go traffic wears the brakes faster than long stints on the highway. Outside of regular brake maintenance, there are a few helpful tips that can extend the life of your brakes. 

Try not to speed.

One of the primary causes of brake pad wear is braking at high driving speeds. Your vehicle has to work harder and exert more energy to stop when you're speeding. Brake pads transform energy into heat, but braking at high speeds can create too much energy to dissipate. While it's tempting to speed when you're running late, it's always advised to drive the required speed limit to keep you and your vehicle safe. 

Coast to a stop.

It's easy to go into autopilot while you're driving, but during your next trip, keep an eye on the flow of traffic. When the traffic has slowed down or started to slop, coast your vehicle instead of braking. This will prevent unnecessary wear on your brakes. Practice coasting your car to a smooth stop.  

Lighten the load.

Don't forget about the items you're storing in your trunk. Heavy objects not only decrease fuel efficiency but can also wear the brakes. Other items such as the type of wheels you're using and aftermarket stereo systems can also make your vehicle heavier, causing havoc for the brakes.  

Need Brake Repair?

At B&L Automotive, your brakes are handled with care by ASE Certified automotive experts. While there are techniques that can extend the life of your brakes, they'll eventually wear over time. If the brake pads are squeaking and the brake pedal feels spongy, it may be time for a service. We specialize in brake service for all vehicle makes and models. Our technicians will perform a detailed, comprehensive inspection to determine which brake service is best for your car to get it back on the road safely. 

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