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Tips to Remember if You’re Relocating

This year seems to be the year of radical change with social injustice, a nationwide pandemic, mental growth, and financial burdens. With these changes, more people are packing up and relocating. Relocating can be stressful, especially when it’s to a new state. Many other priorities may lead to minor oversight when it comes to your vehicle. Below is a to-do list for your car to keep handy while you’re packing boxes and hiring movers.  

  • Contact your automotive insurance provider to update your insurance policy. It’s essential to make sure your insurance company is aware of your move to maintain coverage when you arrive in your new state. Depending on where you’re relocating, it may be wise to discuss additional coverage options. Your car insurance premiums may increase or decrease depending on where you move, preparing in advance allows you to shop around to find a more affordable rate if you need to. 
  • Shipping your vehicle can save you hours of stress and driving time moving your car. Shipping your vehicle helps prevent any costly wear and tear in the future. If you have a few extra dollars saved up, consider shipping your vehicle in an enclosed truck. Enclosed trucks will prevent your car from getting any damage from being exposed to the elements. 
  • Once you’ve moved to your new state, set an appointment with the local department of motor vehicle office. Many states have strict deadlines and regulations for registrations, driver’s licenses, etc. It’s essential to take care of these items right away to keep your vehicle street legal.  

Moving your vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little planning ahead, you can move your car to a new state with ease. It’s essential to do your research, update your vehicle insurance, and add any additional coverage. If you don’t plan to drive, shop around for competitive prices to transport your vehicle to your destination ahead of time. Try to schedule time in advance at a nearby department of motor vehicle to get an updated license, registration, and title. 


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