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Transmission Service – When & Why

Your car’s transmission is responsible for transferring the engine’s power to the wheels by using gears. Without a transmission, a car will not be able to drive on the road. Often times, a car owner never gives the transmission any attention until there is a sudden problem. Unfortunately, the transmission could have already sustained a devastating amount of internal damage.

The key to maintaining the health of your transmission is routine maintenance. Over time, the transmission fluid inside of the gearbox begins to deteriorate. The reason is because the fluid must endure the stressful environment of the transmission for thousands of miles. The fluid may eventually get contaminated with metal shavings and other detrimental debris. This is why you must have your transmission serviced on a routine basis.

A proper transmission serving involves flushing out the old and degraded transmission fluid. Fresh fluid will then be filled to the optimum level. The transmission’s filter will also need to be swapped out for a new replacement filter. The oil pan and transmission casing will also be checked for any leaks. Each vehicle has a different service interval for the transmission. The owner’s manual is the most reliable source to obtain this information.

Servicing the transmission will prolong the life of the unit. It could also prevent the unfortunate expense of installing a new transmission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact B&L Automotive. They are the best choice to fulfill all of your car’s servicing needs in the Newport News area.