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What Happens if You Put Diesel In a Gas Car?


Putting diesel in a car can be an honest mistake! But, worry not you are not the only one. Putting the wrong fuel in your car can cause you much hassle. Let's find out what you've to go through if you are putting diesel in a gas car.

What Happens When You Put Diesel In Your Gas Car?

First, you can expect to see the relevant label "diesel" so that you don't do such a mistake. Plus, you can notice a different color. The reason for such markings is that people don't do such mistakes. Let's say you still opted for the wrong nozzle. Now that you are thinking about what's possibly going to happen if you put diesel in your gas car, you can expect the following:

  • You can expect the car to run a few miles until the gasoline in your car's tank is used up.

  • The engine may stop running at this point. Your car engine is designed for gasoline and not diesel.

  • Now, you need to call for roadside assistance so that you can tow your car to our auto shop for maintenance.

The auto shop can help in cleaning the car's fuel system. The draining and cleaning process can be time-consuming and you can expect it to be costly too! Well, it would depend on how much gasoline you had put in the tank and what type of car you own. The earlier you caught the mistake, the better it would be.

Let's say while you were putting the diesel in the car, you just noticed then stop immediately. You can call roadside assistance for help then and there rather so that your car gets towed to the auto shop. It can be better in the sense that you are won't be in the middle of the road when this happens.

There is an old saying, "prevention is better than cure," and it holds true in this scenario. Next time, be careful! Our professional service providers would make sure that everything is smooth after a thorough cleaning.

If you need fuel system repair performed, give our auto repair shop a call today!