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What Kinds Of Fluids Does Your Car Have

Everyone knows that your vehicle has fluids running through it. They keep it working smoothly and keep it at a certain temperature. But what kinds of fluids are there? If you continue reading, you will find exactly that. We have put together a list of the main fluids your vehicle has and what they do exactly.

Engine Oil

The first, and probably the most well-known item on the list, is engine oil. It is vital for the work of your engine. That is because it lubricates and cools the engine because of the special way engine blocks are made. They have a lot of holes and crevasses, which are filled by the oil.

Transmission Oil

Transmission oil is very similar to engine oil. The main difference you see at first is the color (most of the time, it is red). It should be changed at certain intervals, as provided by the manufacturer in the owner's manual.

Brake Fluid

Most of the time, the fluid that is in the brake lines is forgotten or simply unknown. Most vehicles have a brake system that functions based on the difference in pressure in the lines. When you press the brake pedal, the oil is pressurized, resulting in the engagement of the brake pistons. Make sure to visit a repair shop for regular maintenance and inspections to keep everything running smoothly.


The coolant, as its name implies, cools the engine. It is usually water mixed with antifreeze that is in a loop. The loop itself goes from the radiator to the engine, which is possible because of a small water pump moving the fluid.

Window Washer Fluid

Window washer fluid is simple and pretty self-explanatory. Its only use is for washing the windows, but it is still quite important. Another use is for defrosting the windows, so make sure to top it off from time to time.

Power Steering Fluid

One of the most commonly overlooked and forgotten fluids in your vehicle is the power steering fluid. If your vehicle's steering is fully electric, it doesn't require fluid. But if it's one of the other types, make sure to check and fill it up every time you are at the repair shop.

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