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When Do I Need to Call for Towing Service?

When drivers face car issues, the first thing they usually do after they have pulled over is call a friend or family. But what if they aren't around? And you can't just abandon your car, right? While we understand how stressful a breakdown can be, you may need to face the reality of having to call for a tow.


What Incidents Require a Tow?

Below are the most common vehicle problems that require a tow:

  • Following a major accident - After an accident, your car may have taken significant damage to its undercarriage or tires, which can put you in harm's way. It can worsen the damage if you keep driving.
  • Empty gas tank - You might've overlooked the low gas light and stretched your car too thin. If you entirely run out of gas, you can call for a tow to supply you with gasoline.
  • A dead battery - Batteries grow old and will eventually die. If you put off replacing it for too long, your car will likely break down and require a tow. 
  • A flat tire or blowout - This is one of the most popular problems where people require a tow. If you don't know how to change a spare or don't have one on hand, a tow truck is your best option. 
  • Flashing check engine light - A flashing engine light is as serious as it can get for warnings. If you continue to drive, your engine components will suffer significant damage, which is why a tow is required.
  • Loss in drivability or handling - When your car is shaky, wobbly, or can longer drive in one direction, it is not recommended that you continue driving.
  • Excess smoke coming from your vehicle - Depending on the area of smoke, this could mean you have a severe leak or your engine is overheating. 

B & L Automotive proudly offers a towing service, where we can bring your car right to our shop. Once your vehicle arrives, we will assess its condition and determine what repairs are needed to have your car operative again. We offer towing services for drivers in Newport News and surrounding areas, including Seaford, Yorktown, Tabb, Lackey, and Grafton, VA. Feel free to give us a call if you need a tow.


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