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5 Driving Habits You Should Start Adopting

5 Driving Habits You Should Start Adopting

Being a good driver starts with adopting good driving habits. For most drivers, getting behind the wheel has become habitual. However, it’s never a wrong time to make changes for a safer drive for you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Even the most experienced drivers can have bad driving habits. The following list is a good refresher to get back on the right track. Below are a variety of driving habits that can increase safety and vehicle longevity.  Read the owner’s manual If the vehicle didn’t come with an owner’s manual, most cars will have a PDF available online. Reading the manual is essential because the manufacturers have detailed recommendations on vehicle maintenance that promotes optimal performance.  Stop distracted driving Put your phone in a vehicle holder and stop texting. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, for you and everyone on the road. Most vehicles have Bluetooth, but it may be best to s ... read more


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